African Spells for Money

Ultimately the Universe must have a balance. This was dictated by Olodumare at the beginning of creation. It is why Obatala, protector of all man, has a dual nature. All things will naturally gravitate toward a balance if left untouched. And when things are pulled artificially out of balance the results can be disastrous. This brings bad fortune and with bad fortune comes money trouble and debt.

The essential African spells to bring back harmony with the Universe, and fix your debt, are stylized in Palo Mayombe. If you are in debt then you are by definition out of balance with the Universe and the spiritual world. When Shango was out of balance he developed the first spell to end debt and used it to rise in his kingship. In Africa the very same spells have descended to us and have been preserved in Palo.

There are of course end debt spells in all African traditions. We find spells being used that are very effective, but personally recommend Palo for the balance and harmony it brings in its money spells. You will not be disappointed with any true Palo ritual for pulling you out of debt.Vodou Money Smoke

The other type of money spell is one that is not used in debt. You may even be well off and use a spell to bring in new money. Many New Age practitioners will tell you that this is wrong or can bring bad karma. However, we know the opposite to be true. For it is said that when king Shango used a spell to bring money and enrich his kingdom that he was rewarded for it.

In the history, Shango was rewarded because he used the wealth of his kingdom to help and enrich the poor. He used his resources for good causes. And ultimately it is what you do with your wealth that will determine if your money spell is “negative” or “positive” to the spiritual world.

A spell to give you money is appropriate if you have a good reason for it and plan to do good things with the money that will come to you. If you do not you may find that it goes away very quickly! Money granted by the spiritual world cannot be used consistently for base or profane reason. Many who use spells in this fashion find that they become rich or wealthy for a period of time only to find themselves in hard trouble later. Those who use the money they receive for good purposes will stay enriched forever.

Revisiting the theme of “karma,” it is true that every person has a positive or negative spiritual debt. Like the idea of karma this is influenced by your actions. But it is not by your actions alone. External forces, even deliberate spiritual attacks against you, can shift your spiritual debt to the negative. This can give you bad luck and bad fortune even if you did nothing to deserve it.

In the experience of myself and Tata Remi, Vodou holds many of the keys to changing bad luck and bringing you good fortune. This is because Vodou has many spirits born in the Haitian revolution. These are spirits that helped give the good fortune and luck – even against the odds – that were needed for rebellion and ultimately freedom. It is using these Petro Lwa that we will fix your bad fortune and bring you good luck.