APOLOGY SPELLS MAKE SOMEONE ASK FOR FORGIVENESS; I often see and hear people asking others for an apology and making it a big deal in front of others. One to feel sorry and apologize to you comes from with him/her. And this is what makes them think over what they did to you and apologize.

And an apology spell doing your bidding, the person that hurt you can come to realize and apologize for what they did. Even after a long period when they hurt you. He/she will take all the necessary actions and steps to earn back your forgiveness. And do all that you want till you accept his/her apology.

A lot of people wrong you and make fun of it, while you drown in sorrow and shame. Most people are so selfish that almost each and every move in their life hurts another person.

Apology spells that work. Whoever and whenever they hurt you and never said they are soory. This is a powerful spell that will put them on their knees.

You can change your life right after balancing the scales with the person that hurt you. Or do it through the various spells Psychic Janzi casts. Solve all your relationship, marriage, business and money problems using his powerful love spells, attraction spells, bring back lost lover, marriage spells, commitment charms, money and gambling spells.


Many can tell you that the person who is wrong is the only one that seeks to be apologized to . Well that’s wrong because a person who also wrongs another may want to be reconsidered for his/her actions. And you decide to ignore them, just like in relationships. A person that hurts the other is the one who seeks forgiveness and you are not willing to listen

Resorting to breakup of the relationship and of course everyone is left crying in the shadows. And there is also this person in life that has reached a point where he wants to have certain things off his chest. But you are not willing to listen or barge.

Get yourself this apology spell and win over these people’s hearts and forgiveness that don’t believe that you’re a changed person.

Make someone beg for forgiveness –  apology spells

  • Black fabric Voodoo doll
  • Picture of this person
  • Pin
  • Piece of paper and pen

Make a doll baby out of black fabric. Write the name of your enemy on a piece of brown paper.

Pierce the paper and picture with a black pin into the doll in the area corresponding to your enemy’s body part on which you wish to apologize to you.

Once pierced, wrap the doll in a shroud of white gauze and pray over it as if it were a deceased person. When the rites have been accomplished, bury the doll in a spot over which this person is sure to walk.


Do people always treat you like a door mat or rag? Or someone back in the day did really hurt you and ever apologized. And you want to make them remorse about their actions as well as realizing their bad actions.  

Witchcraft spells can make anyone apologize no matter what, though they denied doing it. Psychic Janzi is here to help you rejuvenate your image and respect among your peers.

Its hurtful to live with a guilt and knowing that someone did you wrong but takes pride out of it. The apology spells work in many and mysterious ways, and make the people that wronged you pay back. And pleas you just to wash away the humiliation and pain.