Depending on the kind of emotions you exhibit when casting a spell, emotions are really important.

They portray the serenity of you request and deepens the manifestation of the love spell or spell you are casting.

If you display and show anger emotions, your spell will have anguish in it. And if you cast a spell with love you probably manifest love in your spell.

That is why a none experienced person may manifest different results for a different spell due to emotion and feelings he/she carries while casting the spell. Be it a love spell, marriage spell, lottery spell, money spell among others.

It’s an over looked subject, but note that while casting any spell. You are asking for a favor {wish, help}, and you need not to be angry or bossy.

You have to be polite and humbled, because most of my specialties I dedicate them to love spells. I highly recommend you never cast a love spell out of jealousy or anger.

Rather turn all the energy into love, and cast a love spell out of loving someone and wanting him/her to be with you. Love and care for you the way you do for them.


Because magic spells are a dynamic entity, emotions can depict and affect the results you aim at manifesting or even cause failure of the spell never to ever work.

If you doubt it, the title and aim of any spell clearly indicates the kind of emotions you have to show. Love with a loving emotion, revenge with anger and spite, money with a grateful emotion and so on.

How you could control your emotions at spell casting

Controlling one’s emotions at a certain point may be tricky. Though when practiced to perfection can bring immense manifestation of what you are looking for.

So be advised to try your best to control emotions when casting a spell or when someone else like a spells caster Is casting your spell.

No matter what you aim at manifesting.

·         Have belief that it’s for a greater good and not personal gain

All spells are not cast for personal gain, and those that do that are doing the opposite of what our ancestors taught us.

A spell should be cast to benefit a singular person and those in the community and around him/her.

Take an example of a cheating husband, we are not only putting your man on a leash. But preventing fights in the community, spread of STDs and also reducing poverty.

It’s not always about you as the person that wants to cast the spell.

Think about a bigger picture, there is more good than bad in casting magic spells.

·         Think about how you would like your target person to see you

This can be better explained with a perspective that you are aiming to get the attention of a specific person and would stop at nothing to fulfill what you want.

You want to attract a lover, wow your family and friends. Or prove someone wrong about, all that falls under here.

The way you wish people to judge you basing on the actions you intend to take.

If you wish to attract a lover, you want to be seen as the center of attraction, an irresistible person. The perfect man/woman, and of course a loving, caring and polite person. 

·         Remember you are at the favor of a higher power

Casing a spell is not your power and nor your knowledge, its beyond your abilities and power.

So to use something that is not yours, pay attention and do not misuse it for treat it like your entitlement.


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