BINDING SPELLS FOR PROTECTION; Why can’t we just live in peace? Alas, as long as there is envy, jealousy, and hatred in this world, we are at risk of being under attack. There are people who just thrive on in misery and conflict, and there are people who will always covet that which you have.

Protecting oneself is important, just like the effort or magic you deploy to make yourself rich and famous. Without proper and the right protection, you will not last that much. People with the wrong reasons will attract and hurt you. Bring a toll to your life and may end you.

That Is why a person that builds A very beautiful house with all the expensive things. Puts the state of art security system to make it a nice but above all safe place to live in. Your life works the same way, whether you have beautiful wife {girlfriend, boyfriend or husband}. Many people want to tear you apart and keep him to their selves.

Wealth and other aspects of life are the same thing, people with bad hearts, evil eyes always want to put an end to the good life you live. Everyone is created with this trait, and some are able to suppress it. Other are over whelmed by it and turn into haters, people who can go lengths to stop you. Regardless of reason or cause of the hate.



With the power of this spell, protect yourself from all seen and unseen creatures that have intentions to hurt you. You should walk in freight all time, suspicious of all people around you. Do this one time and rest easy to enjoy life no matter what they do nothing will happen to you.

Living a happy life starts with feeling safe and secure from anything. Fear gives you stress and discomfort where you would be living and enjoying to the fullest.



This spell is to be performed as a defense against enemies and those who cause drama and chaos in your life.

  • Make a black Voodoo doll and name it with the name of your enemy.
  • Anoint daily with Victory over Evil oil. Repeat for nine days and burn a white candle each day.
  • On the ninth day, take the remains of the candle wax and the Voodoo doll, place it in a paper bag, and leave at a crossroads.


Create a meat poppet out of ground pork that has been mixed with black pepper, horseradish, rue, yarrow, and valerian.

As you are shaping the meat and herbs into a human figure, tell it to shut up and be quiet, and to stop telling stories and spreading rumors.

Stick the doll in the oven and cook it until it is well done and you can’t see any pink in the meat.

Dispose of the doll by burying it in a cemetery far away from your home, leaving it out in the sun to spoil, or giving it to some dogs to eat.


If you wish never your life to be changed in anyway, apart from advancing. What are you waiting for to cast this binding spell for protection? Additionally,this spell binds you to your roots and nothing is stronger. Let no one tell you otherwise. Roots are the ancestors that reside in your family linage, they can never let you be harmed if you do the ritual right.

For any questions or inquiries about the binding spells for protection. Or other magic spells and rituals you would wish to know more about. I me to cast for you, I will gladly help you out with all the time I can to spare.