Break up spell – Spells to break or mend a couple

Break ups are inevitable to most people’s relationships, some want to cause or stop a break up and use the break up spell. But that’s not what most look for when they startup a relationship with someone. It’s always sweet kisses and futuristic promises, and always seems to last just as long.

I want to help people have the best in their relationships, it’s what gives me joy.  It first started as a duty I hard to fulfill in my family but the happy faces I leave on people. Keep me going no matter what situation.

A break up spell is the kind of magic used to break up a relationship {friendship, love, marriage} name it. You can self-inflict it to happen on your relationship or on other people, the choice is yours.

Break up spell - Stop or Get breakup


Each break up has the cause to it, nothing comes out of the blue. There is a reason to why it happens:

  • Violence in a relationship

When your partner treats like a punching bag, they are using your weaknesses against you. Because you have children together or have not established independence yet. The fact that you fear to hit back or leave him or her.

  • Dying love in the relationship

This is one of the most common reasons to a breakup. When your lover starts ignoring your feelings and gives you a cold shoulder is not a sign that makes your stay with them. It rather states a big word “I AM NO LONGER INTERESTED IN YOU”, it can never be any clearer.

  • Finding someone better

You know this more than I do. And due to it, your lover already made up their mind to break up with you. Just waiting for the opportune time to drop this nuclear bomb on you. You’re like an innocent deer standing in the aim of the hunter looking for dinner. You can’t be prepared enough no matter what you do. It’s hard to know ones feeling when you can’t read their minds and thoughts.

So should you cast a breakup spell if you are the victim or villain in this kind of situation. Read on to know why. If you are unsure what to do contact Psychic Janzi and ask him a question.


This is the ritual you cast when you want a breakup to happen. No matter the odds it will happen, from breaking up marriage, a couple and friendship. It will happen in less time than you imagine.  Powerful African voodoo by psychic janzi gets you what you look to get when you contact him.

Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend spell

When you are tired and frustrated in a relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend cast a separation spell. It makes things simple and fast, you don’t have to explain yourself. He or she will break up with you simply asking no question or even holding a grudge against you. 

The simple curses that you leave hanging after a nasty breakup eat up your success in other relationships and life as a whole. Leave your partner in a neutral ground that gives them room to move, never to look back.

Spells to break up a couple

Break up a couple with this powerful witchcraft separation spell. I know you can call it selfish and evil. First look on the other side of the story, you want to return a lost lover. Get revenge on the person that hurt you really badly. Cast this voodoo spell to get even, it can be a reason why you have not settled in life and your relationship.

After saying this, think about it tit for tat is a fair game, everyone deserves what comes at them. Karma is a nasty bitch, not forgiving. Don’t masquerade as karma she will get the hang of it and do her duty cast a breakup spell to breakup two people and leave the rest to her.

Break up friendship spell

Break connection with a friendship that you no longer have an interest in with a break-up spell. Some people can prove to be useless, hurting and a waste of your time from day one. And want to avoid spilling any feelings on the floor. This is a ritual for you, and you with intent to break up another friendship.


Look on the bright side and stop worrying that your partner has plans of breaking up with you. Cast a stop break up spell to clear the mysteries. Stop the separation and return lost love in a relationship with voodoo by psychic Janzi.

If your relationship is a bit rocky and on the verge of a break up, don’t give up yet. There is still room to salvage from the gravel. The last and first effort is what counts to save a crumbling relationship.

Think about the children if you have any, the love you have for that person and the life you have shared to now. Now is not the time to give up, It can be the right time not to and trust a higher power to solve your hardships.


For you my dear who is unfortunate to get caught up in the crossfire that you don’t know the origin of. Let Psychic Janzi help you weather away the pain and hurt on your heart and personality. This pain can eat you alive from the inside out like a cancer.

If you are not strong enough, it leads to mental illness and loss of self-esteem. A feeling that makes you think of yourself as unworthy of love and care from another.

Wash away all the hurt and memories that keep you thinking about this person constantly that it makes you cry.


Break up spells are used for many agendas; I don’t judge people but rather help them achieve what they want. From creating a break up to stopping a breakup and getting over it. Your situation can be unique in some way but not unsolvable. Contact me by calling or chatting on WhatsApp via +256773520605 or email .