Break up spells with vinegar

Break up spells with vinegar work no different from lemon and cayenne pepper spells. It’s your situation and aura that I base on to choose which spell to cast for you. And with the powerful connection I have with my ancestral spirits what you look for is exactly what I will give you. But you should note that breaking up with a powerful spell like this one. Means you are removing almost all the chances to get back together in a natural normal setting. And you will supernatural intervention to fix your relationship.

That brings to point you at love spells to fix relationship problems if at all you still have interest in the relationship. There are ways you can calm down the fire between you and rejuvenate love in your relationship.

It’s in rare cases that I advise my clients to call quits on the relationship. Because with tie they come back to me begging for help again to bring back their lost lovers, which I do without doubt. But don’t you see that it will be another expense when you can pick up where you left without breaking up. My words you can take or leave.

Break up spells with vinegar

Vinegar break up spells that work

This ritual targets the individual you would like to leave.

  • Make a black conjure doll and secure your target’s foot tracks by scooping up some of the dirt and grass where you know they have walked.
  • Place the tracks inside the doll along with some Spanish moss, hair from a black dog, hair from a black cat, Sulphur, and Separation powder.
  • Sew the doll shut, and sprinkle with vinegar and more Separation powder.

Take the doll to a running stream at midnight and say the following:

Moss choke it, Sulphur

smoke it Fight like cats and dogs and run away.

Turn around as though ready to leave and throw the doll over your right shoulder into the running water. Leave the area and do not look back or return to that area.


Breaking is part of many relationships where some relationships break up and get back. And others break up and never come back together. But that’s all up to you, I am to do what you want and make things happen the way you want.

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