Call me spell – Make someone call you

Call me spell; The space between you is becoming wider by the day, and seems to signal a break up even when you are not paying attention. Just know that if you take it for granted your relationship will start shaking and end. Communications is key and to re assure yourselves of the love each has for the other. And for long distance relationships or where you rarely see each other a simple phone call or video chat is no more than what you can ask for. Hence do not deprive yourself just because you are a little busy or just don’t feel like talking to each other. Make it part of your daily activities to reach out and have a simple conversation with your lover.

Call me spell - get him/her to call me

Because someone spends hours checking on their phone to wait for that one phone call. It a coincidence that you are both doing the same and none is brave enough to make the first move. It’s scary to pour your heart for someone you are not sure of. But how do you expect to show love to anyone without risking being hurt.

Text message are a form of communication, but can never reach the spiritual connection of a video or voice call. Because here you share with each other emotions and connection that both of you feel. The voice tone and facial expressions can mean a lot.

Powerful spell to make your lover call you instantly

The energies that are accumulated by this ritual will make your lover more than ever want to call than wait for you to do so. It creates a field of magnetic and spiritual connection that he feels better when he talks with you. It come become addictive what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and in love it makes you more connected and deeply in love with each other.

What you want is what you get with my spells, and all the love spells I cast or any other spells have no side effects and back fires. And above all are guaranteed to work if you follow my instructions critically. I channel powerful energies with herbs and oils together with my ancestral spirits to help you achieve what you are looking for like making your lover call you, bring lost lover back, marriage proposal and more.  

And if your lover sweetheart has been ignoring your call or avoiding you and taking you for granted. This call me spell will manifest connection and love for you. This is your chance that you don’t want to miss, cast a powerful call me spell today.

To attract love / Make your lover call

Put three large cinnamon sticks, a bunch of fresh basil, seven cooking cloves, and six cups of water into a large pot. Place the pot on the stove and bring to a boil.

Drain the herbs and empty the water into your bath. Add the petals of a pink flower, a daisy, and three pansies.

(Note: Choose your flower carefully to avoid allergic reactions, harmful effects from oils, etc.)

Sink in and feel the loving energy all around you.

Imagine your aura changing to a loving, passionate red.

Repeat this spell for three consecutive days, beginning on a Friday, the love day.


Spells casting demands years of practice and experience. It’s better to trust a professional o cast call me spell for you at a small price than losing your lover.

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