COMMANDING SPELLS that give you authority and control over your lover

COMMANDING SPELLS that give you authority and control over your lover

As we all know it human kind was granted free will and choice in all that he/she does. And making one change his or her mind with a request or command can be hard. But what if there exists a way to take control over someone and command him/her to obey all your requests!

Then today is the day you should celebrate in advance, because with my help and a powerful commanding spell. All wishes to anyone that you target should be a command there and then.

Most relationships suffer lack of control and direction and this can lead them to stray from the main objectives they promised each other. If you want your partner to live up to the promises he told you. A command spell should be something you never overlook.

Because it targets the most effective way of softening your target and make them receptive to your wishes. Just like a baby cries and the parents start to scratch their heads asking what could be wrong. But the baby cannot speak a word, that will be you. Only difference is that you can speak up and receive what you intend to get.


Through commands is the easiest way to get someone to do what you want. But if you don’t have that person in your life. Then commanding strangers will look and feel odd. Don’t expect a complete stranger to take you for dinner or buy you a diamond ring.

These are intimate actions that only lovers do for each other, so if you have not yet honored yourself someone worthy you time and love try attraction love spells . Your life will not remain the same.

I myself believe that we appreciate good things more when they come from loved ones. And see others and charity and pity.


Life and love works in different dynamics. Either wait for something to happen or make it. You should know that the most successful people in this world are the go getters {Bill gates and the like}.

There are many things one can manifest besides commanding someone to do what he/she wants. The can include the following;

  • Taking control of a situation
  • Taking Control, gain control, have things go your way in legal matters
  • Get others to do as you say
  • Domination
  • Leading and leadership
  • Enforce your will
  • Strengthen your will
  • Increase and strengthen your charm and power
  • Add to other spell tools to add the power of command behind them and with them

And more, get a command spell from me and change your life today. And if you are looking for something else to do in your life like make more money, find a soulmate or get back an ex.

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