COMMITTMENT SPELL – make lover serious about the relationship

COMMITTMENT SPELL - get your lover to be serious about the relationship
commitment means a strong and happy relationship

Cast a commitment spell and avoid/prevent many problems and challenges in a relationship that can become the reason you breakup.

Commitment spells are so important and most especially when your relationship seems to be static and has no visible path or future.

If you have doubts about the seriousness of your lover, and he/she is acting otherwise than to make you his/her number on person in their love life. Commitment spells and rituals can clear away the smoke and bring you to the clear.

No one wishes to be used and a waste of time or a tool to get somewhere. And that is exactly what you are going to be avoiding here.

Before your boyfriend or girlfriend calls off the relationship because of lack of intimacy and connection with you to commit to the relationship. Cast a commitment spell with Psychic Janzi as soon as you can and tie a knot around your relationship to take it to the next level.


Women have the most active minds and loving hearts in a relationship. She will be thinking about matrimony even at the first date or kiss of your relationship.

But if it happens so that after a while it’s not the case anymore and she is thinking of leaving you for another. Just that she has not found the right moment and excuse to break up with you.

Avoid the hurt, pain and sorrow of being left alone and change her mind with a commitment spell.

It’s not that we all choose to put our lovers under control of love spells, but it’s a necessary evil that helps us get exactly what we want.

Make your lover do what you want with little or no effort with this supernatural power harnessed by an experienced African Psychic spells caster.


With men its simple though kind of complicated. Men are easy to convince and their minds changed to do anything. And that includes cheating, ending a relationship but not committing to a monogamous relationship.

Men see this like prison at home or anywhere and can never fully agree to commit to a single relationship easily.

You have had multiple relationships with them and you have firsthand knowledge about exactly what I am talking about.

How about I tell you it’s all about to change and make things very easy for you to own your own man. A commitment spell can get you where you want to be. Is a husband, father of your children or soulmate you seek.

All can be achieved with easy my dear women, stop complaining how your man is not fully invested in your relationship and make him.


It’s not about taking control of the relationship goals but securing a future partner and soulmate to live life with and enjoy the fruits with.

When you cast the commitment spell with psychic Janzi. It’s safe and secure and last a lifetime. No back fires or karma will come your way.

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NOTE: It’s not free and I will charge you accordingly, cost may vary due to difference in situation and materials to be used when casting the spell.