DIVORCE SPELLS to stop or get a divorce

Divorce spells; Separation after marriage is not what couple plan and never think of to happen. Yes, of course, everyone is planning to go to have cute kids and build a solid family. But none ever plans about the inevitable, divorce or separation. If you come to think of it, you were right never to take it into consideration that your partner could piss you off to an extent that you no longer want to see them or share the same space

Or it’s the other way round, you still love this guy/lady and the thought of separation is not in your mind. It’s simple to think that the person you have lots of love for wants will never leave you. People are constantly changing every minute and second. You can never be certain of his/her next move with or without your presence

And if you are already caught up in a situation that you want to break connection with this person? Why not cast a divorce spell to ease up the process and spare you the emotions and attachments you have with him/her?

Is it the other way round that you are the one fighting for your relationship to survive no matter what? And getting a divorce is not an option for you, I also have an effective solution for you {stop a divorce spell}

DIVORCE SPELLS - stop or get it

Why do people even have divorce

As I said you can never be sure that the person you have has the same goals parallel to yours. Because human mind was created to think as an independent organ, changing his perspective is harder than the morning kisses and intimacy

  • When that the person you called sweetheart was playing you for all this time aiming to get money through a divorce with you
  • He/ she no longer loves you and isn’t willing to spend another year with you no matter the consequences
  •  Physical violence and abuse in the relationship that creates abuse and discontent in a relationship
  •  Extra marital affairs involved in your marriage. When someone finds someone new and fun they just want to get rid of the old person to keep the new one if they must

Could you fight this, of course you can with my help I cast spells that stop and cause divorce depending on the side of the coin you’re on. Those under attack most cases might favor the divorce {your husband beats you senselessly}

And if your husband has a side chick and plans to leave you and your kids. You might consider the kids by stopping the divorce or having it just to take his bad image out of the picture of your cute kids.

Why cast divorce spells

Separating with someone is not that easy, it involves a lot of work and emotions. It even takes longer to get a divorce through with a person. And when kids are involved it’s a roller-coaster to begin with

Imagine a scenario where your husband has the best lawyers and is not willing to give you the satisfaction of a divorce. You can try talking him into it or hire a good lawyer yourself. And what does that bring it to bring you

The emotional discomfort and takes a lot of time to get the divorce approved. Due to the many disputes and lawsuits your lawyers come up with

In AFRICA {Uganda} divorce was never a thing and one to separate from the other. You leaving your matrimonial bed and going back you’re your parents or some other place is a signal that separation is inevitable. The man would try various tricks to lure you to go back with him and if he fails

A small family meeting with your aunt and uncles is made to find out the cause and solution to this dilemma. And if you or your husband calls off the marriage it is declared null and void. And the woman would repay the dowary and leave with no curses or grudge against her

In another setting Either that casts a divorce spell with the traditional healer of his/her choice get to leave the relationship easy

But in a modernized world there are many things at stake;

  • separation of the property
  • custody of the children
  • And public image

Spells to stop divorce

Stop a divorce from happening easy and fast with divorce spells. These African witchcraft rituals will stop any kind of divorce no matter the odds you are you against

I know that deep inside you have a legitimate reason as to why you don’t want this separation to go through

The kids and their future and the image you have grown till now are you willing to give it up yet

You truly still love him/her and can’t take any chances like a definitive separation

Cause divorce spells

You are becoming a victim of silent torture. A prison is an open cell; this marriage is a living hell to you what can you change that you didn’t try all these years

That was letting go of the relationship, you have finally decided to live an independent life

But he/she is also not willing to give you the satisfaction of it

When you cast this divorce spell with Psychic Janzi, no feelings will be hurt

No one will dare oppose your demands of the separation

And if you have kids and want to keep them, it’s all up to you


You are the master of your life and decisions, let no one think for you as long as you are still sane.

A divorce spell can be cast for many reasons and different situations

And yours is inclusive, I have practiced witchcraft for over 29 years now and still counting

The satisfaction to my clients is unmatched

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