FERTILITY SPELLS – changing sex of baby & have twins made easy

fertility spells that really work

Fertility spells are the long waited answer to a childless relationship or life. Having children with the person you love and built a life with brings you more joy and happiness.

Children are like blessings when they enter your relationship or life and can change it. Turn you into a more respectable person, responsible person and a parent overall.

Gives you and your partner a new beginning and reason to love each other more than before. With children in your relationship this a stronger reason to fight for your love.


When we are you and have lived long enough to taste the waters of life. Things are simple and taken lightly. You have uncontrolled sexual intercourse and that is use many contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant.

Others are self-preserved to abstain from sex and avoid pregnant till marriage. But this turnout the other way, conceiving becomes more difficult than expected.

Which calls for multiple medical checkups, examinations, diagnosis and more. All to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

While others have the potential but decide to never have children to fulfill their passions and goals.

And when they meet someone worthy and love so much. It’s a drastic decision to bare children while their bodies and mind cannot support another life.


Infertility and lack of children is not a one-sided problem to only women, men too face complications.  By doing some of the most selfish things and indirectly.

  • Masturbating

Self-pleasuring yourself can lead to lots of complications. Like immotile sperm, low sperm count, dead sperm and erectile dysfunction. Which can render you infertile and unable to bear children naturally?

  • Infections

Things like sexually transmitted diseases and infections and more eat away your chances of having children and starting up a family.


fertility spells that really work

We believe that you are the master of your own choices and that also applies to the children you may have. It can sound naïve to be picky with the children.

With a powerful African fertility spell power and choice is in your hands, chose from a boy, girl, paternal twins, maternal twins and more.

Protect your unborn baby with a fertility spell

It’s likely to have a miscarriage or lose your baby before birth or after. Not all that smile with you are happy for you. Some have preying eyes that only translate curses and envy.

Evil eyes and bad luck due to the people and surroundings you live can cause you lose of your children in multiple ways. All leaving you sad and down on yourself.

Change that with a fertility protection spell and safe guard your babies until they grow up.

Change the sex of your baby before birth

If you desired to have a baby girl, that is what you must get not the reverse. To change the sex or chose which baby you have must be done before four months of the pregnancy.

After that there is no witchcraft that can change what the universe has decided.

Have twins of any kind

fertility spells for twins free

This a significant chance to have multiple babies and have identical children constantly putting a smile on your face. Whether boys, girls or mixed, the choice is yours.

I cast the ritual and spell either before conceiving or before four months of the pregnancy.


The small subtle things in life make it worth a while and also thrill full. If you have had a string of bad luck with having children or wish to change the sex of children, you have and also have twins.

A powerful African fertility spell can get you exactly that. Become a mother or father to your lover’s children and live happily ever after.

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