Home protection spells and property protection

Home protection spells; Why can’t you live in peace with no worries or pressure from the evil eyes and bad hearted people. Why not cast a home protection spells on your humble home and live in peace? I perform all kinds of protection spells to safe guard people and their beloved things.

We face things that we don’t know about or can see, djinns, and evil spirits. People seem to be targeted more than others in their lives. They feel like others are out to get them and that they are going to be victims again and again for no apparent reason.

Home protection spells and property protection

With protection spells, these people (maybe even you) can begin to take control of their lives and feel safer no matter where they are.  If you are traveling to a new place, for example. You will find that you are calmer and less wary of strangers in your path.

Similarly, with protection spells, you can carry your strength with you and you can ensure that you have a memorable time – for all of the right reasons.

You can use protection spells to send energy back to whoever sent you the negative energy.

You can protect your entire house from fire, robbery or other problem even if it is not currently under attack by someone trying to harm you.  If someone is trying to harm you, you need to protect your house, your family, your car and all your belongings as they may be targets of someone trying to harm you.  You can protect yourself from accidents or injuries or for travel to other parts of the world.

Home and property protection spells

Home and property protection spells

This spell is to be performed as a defense against enemies and those who cause drama and chaos in your life. Make a black Voodoo doll and name it with the name of your enemy. Anoint daily with Victory over Evil oil. Repeat for nine days and burn a white candle each day. On the ninth day, take the remains of the candle wax and the Voodoo doll. Place it in a paper bag, and leave at a crossroads.

Confuse an Enemy

This spell is particularly effective to counteract persistent spiritual attack. Make a black, brown, or grey doll baby and stuff it full of Spanish moss. Add thirteen pieces of Devil’s Shoestring (this will trip up your attacker) and thirteen dead spiders with their fangs intact. Lay your doll on a piece of wood. Name the doll for your enemy and tell it you are stopping them from further attack.

Then, nail thirteen small nails into each limb, fastening the doll to the board. The doll should be securely nailed to the board. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut off the doll’s head. Bury the board with the doll’s body face down near a garbage dump.

Bury the head far away from the rest of the doll to completely confuse your enemy. And prevent him from being able to take any further action against you. As long as the doll is nailed to the board and its head and body are separated, your enemy will be powerless against you.


You can never be safe or sure of yourself that nothing will happen in the course o life you live in. Get protected with a powerful protection spell to confuse your enemy and return bad magic. Or a home protection spell for your property or even business.

Don’t forget that I also offer cleansing spells to remove a love spell on someone or bad magic and bad luck. People having nightmare, spirits that sexually harass them, omens and more. Change your life to live a better one with my help.

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