Honey jar spells are part of the many herbal remedies to healing peoples’ problems and remove their hardships. They are applied to remove barriers in your road to success, attract new love and bring happiness to your relationship. They are that simple and effective at the same time that many have succeeded at getting back their lives. Due to such a success rate it has been part of my family to preserve honey jar love spells. Use them where applicable, I recommend you too to get yourself a honey jar spell. You won’t regret it.

If your relationship is on the rocks and happens to be heading for a rough ending. You have to cast honey jar love spell as soon as you can. One that wants to make your relationship enjoyable like in the begging. You want to take your relationship to the next level, I mean put a ring on it or the step that you want to advance to. But what I know is that the end goal to successful and serious relationships is marriage and a family.

I am going to share some free honey jar spells you can cast on your own at home. And a few tips and knowledge on love spells in relation to African witchcraft.

If you are looking for breakthrough in your relationship don’t hesitate to contact me. I will surely help you get what you are looking for.


Honey jar love spell

A mixture of pure honey, herbs and followed by magical incantations in a given order to achieve a specific goal or desire.

Many try doing the magic on their own which Is okay. But spells casting is more complicated than that, it involves extra ordinary things that a normal human being may never comprehend. Possession of divine powers, connection with the abyss, lots of experience and knowledge about a specific topic. Which you can gather with years of practice and mentorship.

I can prove that I am the person you call for help to cast any kind of spell. I come from a family of spells casters. Was chosen by the ancestral spirits to serve and help people with the power I was granted. With the decades of experience and mentorship from my parents and spirits. I will never shy away from helping you and neither will I not deliver.

Why honey is used for magical benefit

  • Honey is of pure nature, a combination of negative and positive energies that makes it neutral and able to carry the energy that you put on it.
  • The sweetness of honey attracts good and positive energy when used. And its why honey is rarely use for bad/evil deeds.
  • Honey by itself has healing powers like {healing wounds, removing skin issues like scars, and rashes, cough among others}. So it’s already useful its pure nature. And with magical powers added to it can achieve wonders for you.

Why cast honey jar love spells?

Love is sweet, the happiness and joy you feel when you are with that special person is rare to come by with another person. And it’s what lacks in your life to make you feel complete. Love affects one’s behavior, mindset and creativity if it’s on and off, because a un settled heart creates a disorganized mind.

You can never think straight nor make advancements if you have little or no love in your life. Those that reach their goals are unhappy and yearn to get a piece of love in the times they are financially and career wise successful.

Or you are already entwined with someone, but your relationship is proving to be pointless. It lacks a unified goal, connection, happiness. Or you want to be given a title in your relationship that your partner has not yet decided to do.

Return an ex-lover, I know how love pains, because what causes some of my clients to ask for revenge spells is a broken heart. Which if held for long period darkens your heart and turns you evil gradually. So either get back your ex-lover within 24 hours or wash away the pain with a sweet honey jar love spell. 

How to make a honey jar love spell?

There is a category of love spells referred to as honey jar sweetener spells. These spells typically employ the use of honey or sugar and are designed to cool down or sweeten up an angry loved one, make a nagging lover whisper sweet nothings, or draw someone close to you. This is a popular type of spell used by husbands who have angry and discontented wives.

 Honey jar love spell ingredients

  • A pink doll
  • Red candle
  • Dish of whiter sugar
  • Jar of honey

Take the doll to be blessed by the ancestors.

Set the doll in the dish of white sugar and place the red candle in the dish next to the doll.

The pile of sugar should be sufficient to hold the candle upright with ease.

Light the candle and think about your wife/husband as a sweet, pleasant person who doesn’t have an angry bone in the body.

Allow the candle to burn all the way down; when it has burned down completely, drizzle some honey all over the doll and the wax remains as if to glue it all together.

Bury everything in a garden of flowers as close to your home as possible.

Your lover’s attitude should change to a pleasant one very soon.


When casting the honey jar love spells remember to keep your mind clear of any negativity or bad thoughts. Things like doubt if the spell will work or bring undesirable results.

Or alternatively reach out to me and I cast this spell for you at a fair price. Before you ask how much, know that my spells are guaranteed to work with no side effects nor back fires. And will recast the spell if the results you get are not satisfying.

You are the fountain of magical and witchcraft solutions and spells. Feel free to read more if you are looking for something else. Or take a short cut of asking me {psychic Janzi} I will answer with no promptly.