How to cast love spells on someone that will work

How to cast love spells on someone that will work. There is a huge confusion when it comes at casting love spells or any other form of magic. Many ask themselves whether they can work the magic without intervention of another person to help them. And if the spells they cast will work or have no side effects on them.

But let me clear out the smoke so that you stop asking questions that are only confusing and require a lot of explanation. It’s true that manuals exist with instructions of how to cast to love spells and claim they work. But what guarantee is there. It’s just a piece of paper or video and lacks divine powers, situation, and working the spell according to the different circumstances.

Let no one tell you any different, love spells really work. You have not someone genuine enough to put in the work and help you out. I know It becomes frustrating when you start paying for results that never come to life. And the person keeps on telling you to be patient and wait a little longer. I want to change the way you perceive love magic especially when it’s from an African psychic, traditional healer or spells caster.

How to cast love spells on someone that will work

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Clear your Intention

Intent of the love spell or ritual is key and determines what you may get out of the casting any spells. What you feel and think of when dealing with magic can be shown in the results you get. And as well cause the spell not to work, because if you keep doubting if the spell will have effect on what you want its bond to fail.

What you want to achieve should be like the bull’s eye that you are aiming at. And should not let anything distrust you. If you have an idea of what you desire, then the outcome will be as you pictured it.

Working the love spells

Casting love spells should not be taken lightly because it isn’t. And you should never handle it casually like many people do. Because trying to cast love spells on your own is not easy. It makes it difficult for you to get results that you wish for, due to the many mistakes and lack of experience you have.

Even if you are an expert at casting spells and rituals, one can never initiate magic on their own. You can only cast simple spells, that may not fulfill what you want.

So I advise that you seek professional help or help from another experienced person to cast with the spell. A spells caster cannot help himself but can help others, it’s hard to find a wealthy traditional healer. But he/she makes others rich and live luxurious lives.

Manifestation and out come

If you are not ready for the outcome of the spell, why even want to know to cast a love spell on someone. Many people are never ready for the results of the love spell because they take it as a joke, lie or scum.

And others after starting to realize manifestation of the love spell they take it for granted and push the person even harder or even reveal that they put voodoo on him/her. These are those that are fortunate enough to get results after casting love spells.

What about those that never fail to see any changes, is it that the spell never worked. Or something went wrong, its mostly either of the two or that it’s not yet in motion. Because after casting a love spell, you don’t expect it just to work. But you have to work with the spell. Call your lover, send them a text or even set a dinner date for you to start building your relationship and connection.

But before that happens, better be ready to live by the outcome of the love spell you cast on that person. Things like attracting a man/woman or make them marry you, live up to the promise and goal you have.

Here are some simple love spells you can pull of at home

Unite Two Lovers spell

cast love spells on someone that will work

To unite two people in love, create two figures from wax and baptize each in the name of the lovers. Place them face to face and stick three long pins with red tips through the hearts so as to pin them together. Give the images to the one who desires such a union so that she or he might press the wax figures to her or his heart while focusing on the desired relationship.

Attraction love charm

Attraction love charm

By the light of a full moon, take a silver ring and wrap it in a clean white cloth. Dig a small hole and bury the ring inside. While focusing on the kind of lover you are looking for and pouring a small amount of wine over the earth recite these words: 

  • Blessed Mother fair and true
  • This Gift I offer unto You
  • Bless this ring and make it shine
  • Bring a lover to be mine
  • Let it Be So!

Leave the ring buried until the next full moon, then dig it up and wear it. If your lover is near, he/she will be drawn to you.

Attraction love spell 

The purpose of this spell is to attract the person you love.  This spell is most effective when performed during a full moon or when the moon is waxing. For this spell you will need:

  • Pink candle
  • Favorite perfume or essential oil
  • Toothpick

Take the candle and engrave a heart into it with the toothpick. Place the candle on a windowsill with the heart in the moonlight.

Place the perfume or essential oil in front of the candle and say, “Oshun, bestow upon me the love that I need; let this scent attract (name) to me!”  Once the candle burns out naturally, carry the perfume with you and spray little every time you go out to meet people.

To intensify the strength of the spell, repeat the chant as you spray on the perfume.


Casting love spells can seem to be simple but it is complicated than you think. I am the person you can trust to help you cast a powerful love spell on any person of your choice.

Learning how to cast love spells in someone can take you a long time and by the time you get experience when your lover is dead. Don’t wait that long for just an eventual heart break.

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