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The powers that psychic Janzi possess don’t require him to physically touch the pantie/underwear. Just and image representation is sufficient enough to get the magic manifested on the specific person of your interest

Take a picture of your lover’s pantie after he/she wears it or has ever worn in. it keeps a certain incense of him/her and represents your lovers spirit and aura that is going to be bound with yours

Love binding spells using underwear are so effective that no stone is left unturned. Get back a lost lover, make lover commit, get control over your lover, make lover ask for marriage. And more, if your situation is not mentioned, consult with psychic Janzi and schedule an appointment or ask a question about your situation



If you have enough knowledge and experience about casting love magic spells and rituals. Here is an easy spell that will get your lover falling for you in no time

Command and Compel Spell with underwear/panties

The purpose of this spell is to command someone to love you. Gather the following items:

  • Red permanent marker
  • Underwear of that person

Take the underwear and cut it into nine pieces. Using a red permanent marker, write the name of your loved on the pieces. Fold the pieces. While doing this, focus intensely on your desires. Repeat the following as you hold the pieces to your heart:

I command you,

I compel you Love me,

as I love you I command you,

I compel you,

(Name) return to me now!

Now, burn the underwear pieces and scatter the ashes to the wind. The rest is up to the universe to take care of. There is an incubation period that occurs after a spell is cast

Be patient for the results. In 7 days, if you have not heard from your beloved repeat the above actions. You can do so once every 7 days to strengthen and recharge the work. Good luck