A Love spell using urine just like other love magic spells is cast to attract and make someone fall in love with you. Whether you are already in a relationship, married or just dating. One’s body part or fluid contains a lot of his/her essence that carries on his/her desires and brings them to life. When you have a lover that is misbehaving and playing games with you whether married or not. A love spell like this that requires one’s urine or any other body fluid id guaranteed to work no matter what

Its application is what makes it challenging despite the recommendations behind it. You are required for once to act as a spy in your own relationship and put it in his/her food, drink. Or bathing water and recite some incantations. You will have your lover under a love spell and in your control

MAKE ANYONE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU using a love using urine

Love comes in many shapes and sizes, but most people never understand what they feel. Whether its love or lust, lusting for someone is only craving sex and intimacy with that person. And love goes beyond that, it involves sex at some point but that is not the big deal. Caring and sharing with one another and see beyond the looks is what love is. Having to live with a single person and never stray for your initial vows to share, hold and protect your love with another outside it

So if you are looking for love or fun with someone, its best you describe that clearly before any ritual is performed. And also have it in your heart and intent because you are a very part of this love spell using urine. and if you desire sex and a onetime intimate moment with someone use a sex spell


There are many manuals online and in book stores, some of which work if you completely have the art of casting spells and rituals with urine among others. If not, its advisable that you consult someone with years of practice and experience in witchcraft spells and rituals. A person that guarantees results with no exception and has helped multiple people

Some of which are bold enough to give a testimony about his work and miraculous gifts. Casting a love spell on someone using urine can be the only thing you need to attract someone and make him/her yours. Though it comes at a monitory cost to hire a spells caster, it’s worth it and best to avoid side effects and karma

Make your man come back, ask for marriage, return lost love in a relationship and more with love spells using underwear and rituals by psychic janzi