RETURN TO SENDER SPELLS – when and why you should cast this powerful spell!?

RETURN TO SENDER SPELLS – when and why you should cast this powerful spell!?

Powerful magic spells aimed at you can destroy your entire life in one way or the other. If you have a target on your back {a person that wants to put magic on you for the case of harming, you}. That’s why I have return to sender spells, in Uganda Africa where I come from. When someone has no easy access to do harm to you one of the easiest ways to get, you is using witchcraft spells.

These spells can be manifested to do a lot of things, like turn you mad, give you an accident, kill you and more. And that’s when you should get a return to sender spell if you want to have a quick revenge and make the person that hurt you feel the same way.

If you felt down and crushed, they will too or even greater because the effects may last longer on them till they remove the magic.


Magic is a very powerful tool for revenge and attack on a specific person and when used correctly can make John Clinton disappear in a minute.

But because it is a secret belief cult, many are not well vast and experienced with magic spells and black magic. I recommend you have someone help you cast any magic spells you intend and avoid karma / side effects of magic gone wrong.

And when you have made up your mind to take the magic approach or a victim of one’s doings. A return to sender spell can turn back all they put on you fast.

For the case of love spells, that can be a kind of complex because there is an emotional connection with the target person and breaking the spell removes it completely. So nothing can be used to send back the magic but only put the same spell in case you are in a relationship together.


Just like war, there are no rules of engagement, and at any point the war may end or take a turning point and victory is in your favor. But if that’s not so, then just know that the end and victory depends on the weapons and tactics you chose.

The most effective and calculative ones will always emerge the winners and overall dominos of the misunderstanding.

With all that is held at stake, return to sender spells cast by psychic Janzi are as safe and effective as other spells he casts. And to avoid any inconveniences of a never ending magical battle. I recommend a protection spell, because it will be a shield that deflects any future magic attacks both seen and unseen.

I have ever been witness of a co-wife battle for dominance over their husband and things never turned out well for both of them. This is one of the reasons the protection magic spells I offer are aimed at protecting not only you but your entire household including your loved ones.

Because these women failed to hurt each other and turned to the siblings leaving each mentally disorganized to the maximum.


For you under attack of any magical and metaphysical way, a return to sender spell is a tool you shouldn’t overlook. Or you who feels threaten by another person and suspect they may want to hurt you. Use my specialized spells to relief yourself, I should say I am here to help and preserve people’s life.

NOTE: It’s not free and I will charge you accordingly, cost may vary due to difference in situation and materials to be used when casting the spell.  

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