SPELL FOR DOMINANCE IN A RELATIONSHIPDominating in a relationship to some people comes naturally and others it’s a learning curve to them

It’s not that selfish but having to pull strings and explain yourself about everything that happens is kind of tiresome

I want you to be the boss when you need to and become the baby when it’s convenient for you

Having to fear or always pray that what you want from your lover is met is frustrating

Love is as complicated as it gets, at first you give in to the fact that he/she calls the shot and then after it becomes a one sided relationship

Love is not static like a rock but rather an ocean that moves all directions

And it’s something we have to look after never to keep it with our boundaries for continuous happiness in the relationship

And during these changing times, dominance is something to keep on your side

You can notice yourself when the relationship becomes easy on you just as your partner gives in a little

Love is selfish and note that a little self-fulfillment can yield happiness


Spells to dominate a man

In relationship where your lover sits on their ears with no sign of changing

I could never turn out good, only resorting to fights quarrels and nasty fights

You can change that with a dominance spell, the essence of this ritual will make your partner submissive

This is the point where you may start making small inquiries and your lover fulfills them no questions asked

But if your relationship has no boundaries or control your diving in an empty pool head first

Such relationships tend to last just short and you may not notice it until its late

Lack of direction can mean you have no agenda and goal, but if you know what you want it’s not too late to make it work

It’s as simple as telling your man to join forces with you to buy a family house and he decides to take booze with his buddies

Spell for dominance in a relationship

Casting this dominance spell yields submission, respect from your lover

This spell won’t make him or her non responsive or act like a robot but will listen and respond accordingly

When your lover is receptive to its easier for them to make compromises that make the relationship worth a while

Free spell to cast at home to dominate and persuade your partner

Here I bring you a ritual to change a mind of person to your benefit, below is what you need:

  • Cinnamon
  • Sweet wine
  • Piece of ginger
  • Picture of person
  • Plate
  • Egg
  • candle

Place the picture on middle of the plate

Put ginger on it

And the wine pouring it over the ginger as It flows to the picture

The cinnamon keeps that person sweet and create the change

Use only egg white of the egg

Activate it and close the ritual by adding the egg white.

Note: light the candle as you perform the ritual

Place everything near a window in your house for three to five minutes a day, place the candle in the plate too and light it up

When the three days’ elapse through it away in the outside dustbin


It’s not being selfish that you have to cast a dominance spell to take a bit of control in the relationship

But if your goal is to achieve greatness then you’re in the right place

No longer is your partner going to ignore you

Just like love spells domain magic is not that different

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