Spell to keep your man faithful

Spell to keep your man faithful, boyfriend, or wife. When you hear the word faithfulness what comes to your mind, is it keeping the marital pleasures exclusive or something else. With a man traveling the world looking for what he calls future for you and his kids. It’s not a safe and tamed environment out there

African rituals exist that can render your beloved helpless when it reaches time to get under the sheets. He can’t do anything and may never notice, the appetite to have sex with a person that is not you fades away just as he/she thinks about it

Who wouldn’t want this, but you are not exposed to the powerful magic in Africa. You are miles from us but there is a way around it. With the introduction of technology communication overseas is very easy

You can cast spells to make your man faithful from Uganda when you are in the united states of America or any other place. Don’t deny yourself this chance, to have a worry-free relationship with your hubby

Spell to keep your man faithful


Infidelity brings about lots of baggage with it

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Waste of money
  • Less time with your family and loved ones
  • Fights and quarrels between the two mixed people
  • Decreases the love for your first partner

Apart from those mentioned above, in Africa your lover catching you cheating is as dangerous as catching a snake with bear hands. The risk is very high and some relationships turn to crime scenes. Where one party cuts off the genitals of the other, fighting and even killing each other.

But I may be a different situation where you live. Do they shake hands and call it a draw or one just ends the relationship with no grudge? The intensity of the hurt when the person you are intimate and planning a future with starts poking around is unmeasurable


To cast a spell that will keep your man/woman faithful follow closely

Get an egg and piece of paper and write both your names and birthdates

Make a tinny hole on the egg preferably with a needle

Roll the paper and fit it inside the egg through the hole you made

Keep this egg in a secret place that no one will find

As long as his/her name is inside this egg he will be faithful not until you break the egg and flash or the contents and burn the paper

It is not guaranteed but based upon luck it can work for some people

If you want my assurance that your partner is going to be faithful to you, contact me for a paid ritual for complete faithfulness from your lover


I want you to change that now, give me your names and birthdates and I bind you with each other. He/she will never go astray, never cheat or find another person sexually appealing for as long as you want

The goal is to keep him/her within the limits that you set in the faithfulness spell. I want him/her to say I love yous and I miss yous that have meaning. Not to just through sweet words at you for the sake of it

It may seem kind of selfish but you know exactly why you want to do it. Some people are dynamic and have never earned your trust. And they have to work for it or learn with time. How sweet of Africa, when your lover spends some time without any secret relationships or one night stands. He or she can learn to stay faithful as times goes by

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