Spell to make someone ask you out

Spell to make someone ask you out, with help from a powerful spiritual traditional healer from Africa Psychic janzi.

Is your wish to be asked out by the man or woman of your dreams. Then this s our chance to make things happen after the long wait and patience. We all know that dating marks the beginning of any relationships, don’t expect to skip some stages and hope to have a successful relationship. Things can become vague because there lacks real connection despite spending a lot of time together.

Spell to make someone ask you out

A love spell to make someone ask you out has helped many reach stages of relationships that were never in their plans. Of course love is an unpredictable feeling no one knows where it can and could reach, It’s like a gamble. But with a secrete ace card on your sleeves you are destined to win the game.

Bit by bit you start taking over the heart and mind of your lover. Which leads to development of powerful feelings, love and eventually marriage. Unlike dating sites where you chat for months or weeks before you meet a person in flesh. If you have your eyes locked on a specific person, why not make a decision to initiate a strong relationship.

Making a specific person ask you out with a love spell

Love and relationship coaches have listed many tips and tricks to get anyone to fall for you. And also be brave enough to make a move to ask you out on a date. Instead of beating around the bush, pretending and being shy. What you need is someone powerful and determined enough to pose such questions.

It’s better to know what you are getting yourself in than flying blind with no clue as to where your meeting is ending. Some people like to stay mysterious, while you what someone straight forward.

Love spell to make someone ask you out


When you have your eye locked on a specific person, a love spell will penetrate their heart. Plant a seed of attraction and connection leading them to dream, think and start loving you. It is in right amounts to make someone want to do something about it. And that is take you out on a date or dinner to settle their hearts from racing every time you are within range.

Attraction Love Spell to make anyone ask you out

Voodoo Love Spells Using Pictures

The purpose of this spell to make someone ask you out and attract the person you love. This spell is most effective when performed during a full moon or when the moon is waxing.

For this spell you will need:

  • Pink candle
  • Favorite perfume or essential oil
  • Toothpick

Take the candle and engrave a heart into it with the toothpick. Place the candle on a windowsill with the heart in the moonlight. Place the perfume or essential oil in front of the candle and say, “Oshun, bestow upon me the love that I need; let this scent attract (name) to me!” Once the candle burns out naturally, carry the perfume with you and spray little every time you go out to meet people. To intensify the strength of the spell, repeat the chant as you spray on the perfume.

Command and Compel Spell

The purpose of this spell is to command someone to love you. Gather the following items:

  • Brown paper
  • Red pencil

Take the piece of brown paper and cut it into a square. Using a red pencil, write the name of your loved one nine times. Turn the paper 90 degrees to the right and write your name over hers nine times. Fold the paper three times. While doing this, focus intensely on your desires. Repeat the following as you hold the paper to your heart:

  1. command you,
  2. I compel you Love me,
  3. as I love you I command you,
  4. I compel you,
  5. (Name) come to me now!

Now, burn the paper and scatter the ashes to the wind. The rest is up to the universe to take care of. There is an incubation period that occurs after a spell is cast. Be patient for the results. In 7 days, if you have not heard from your beloved repeat the above actions. You can do so once every 7 days to strengthen and recharge the work.