SPELL TO MAKE SOMEONE DREAM OF YOU; Dreaming is like living in your subconscious, and what happens there often mimics that of real life. So when you begin dreaming love and intimacy with someone it’s a sign your fate and hearts are inter twined. And it may be you that is shying away from what is meant to be. And when such starts to happen on the person you desire, that they start having intimate and romantic dreams about you. It’s a sure win that they will look for you to set fat right and have you in real life than only keeping it to themselves.

Love is a powerful chemical that even the most brilliant chemists were never able to decipher how it works. Its ability to get you in all corners of life is amazing. It is unpredictable, unavoidable and has a mind of its own. Love spells are cast to put it in the direction your heart is in and one step at achieving what you want can be through making your desired partner dream about you.


Spell to make someone dream of you

Dream spells and chants are magical rituals that make anyone have dream about you. And depending on different things, you can use the dreams to achieve anything that you want.

From spicing up your relationship lacking intimacy, love and connection. A dream about another can be a sign that you are neglecting the other and also reflect on the past life and happiness you had with each other.

Strengthening a relationship and making your partner fall deeply in love with you. Too much of anything in the old days was bad but in the new age. The more you are exposed to something it becomes normal. And addiction or a necessity you cannot do without. And if your lover has sweet dreams about you at least a few nights in the week. They begin to be accustomed to them and subcoincuisly fall for you more.

Make your lover commit, propose for marriage and want to have cute babies with you. A spell to make someone dream of you is more powerful than you think.

Returning lost lover back into your life, dreams are magic. The holy scriptures state how joseph the messenger of GOD could interpret the hardest dreams. Which shows that dreams are more powerful than what had thought. It’s a representation of the future, past and present of your life.


You can change the mind of anyone through a spell to make someone dream of you. When we sleep our souls and subconscious leaves our bodies and lives independently. And when two souls meet and begin love in the mind, it goes straight to the heart by the morning.

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