SPELL TO MAKE SOMEONE WANT TO SEE YOU; Seeing someone can lead to many reliefs, sexual, mental, psychological and more. Relationship of the 21st century have diversified to meet, and date on the internet. In sort terms long distance relationship, in our days that also existed.  But to my surprise even people leaving in the same area are behaving like in a long distance relationship. There is not time to meet, have dinner or intimacy with each other.

And with time, the space between you grows bigger that you can never start where you left off. And it’s the end of your little romance no matter how hard you try to cope up. It’s not possible that you can salvage your relationship.


Spell to make someone want to see you

Those that know that true love and connection is hard to come by, they can never leave any chances to be wasted.  Seek magical intervention to relink your relationship and save it from clashing. Reduce the distance in your relationship or make your lover want to meet up with you for all reasons. Whether intimacy, romance, casual meetings and more. Make them addicted to seeing you and never to get tired of it.

This is the spell you cast to make your lover who is over sees to harry up and come meet. Long distances and bust schedules can create an illusion of loss of love in your relationship. And create room for infidelity AKA cheating in your relationship from either of you.

Make your friends, family and loved ones too want to see you. Having people that can be there for you in all kinds of situations is more powerful than money or wealth.

Make your baby’s father want to meet you or even kick it after a long time. Reconcile and start over with this chance that can never be got anywhere else.

The spells I cast I proven to work, not for entertainment or propaganda. They originate in my family’s linage and have existed for centuries. And can help you change your life in any way that you wish.

Get your lover to want meeting up with you

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