SPELLS TO MAKE SOMEONE PAY A DEBT; When you lend money to someone, regardless of your relationship with him/her. You always hope and want them to refund your money. But it’s a shame they do not wish to repay your money and their plan is to default the debt.

This puts you in an uncomfortable situation of having someone you want to repay you and also solve your problems. It can be difficult to always ask someone to pay you back. And with time it becomes frustrating and tiresome.

Use spells to make someone pay a debt and encourage outstanding debts to be repaid to you. This spell is especially effective if you work with a photo of the person who owes you the money.

While others resort to letting go and forgetting the debt, it’s not entirely fair. When one takes something it’s only fair enough to payback.

Take the weight off your shoulder and cast a powerful spell to collect debt from someone. You should know that your money will be returned no matter the duration they have taken avoiding you.

Reduce stress and spiritually encourage that person to pay you with the power of this spell and collect all your debts.



If you are interested in collecting debt with assurance that the people that owe you will pay. African rituals and spells to make someone pay a debt have proved to be part of life. And is applied in almost each and every aspect of our lives. Like love and relationship issues {love spells}, protection and cleansing, and more.

I have witnessed my clients change their lives in a short time. And this is one of the reasons I still do what I do. Though others may say witchcraft spells is evil. No its not, the intention and outcome you wish to get with it is what turns it evil. And good intentions produce positive energy which is harmless and what attracts good things to happen in your life.

So for you looking forward to collect debt and money from someone with a powerful spell. Contact me via call/WhatsApp +256773520605 or email info@lovespellsandrituals.com .