SPELLS TO REMOVE CURSES; Curses are like cancer that eats away your happiness, good luck and fortune. Most people don’t notice it until they get a reading from a psychic or healer and reveals to them what is haunting them. But at this point it’s almost too late to turn back time. Because of all the good things it has made you miss and the bad things you have faced all due to this curse.

But before I breakdown on the spells to remove cruses, what are the causes of your curse. There are different forms of curses

  1. Family curse

This is where the bad luck and misfortune has been affecting your linage/family. And the curse originated way back, before you came into the picture. But note that if you are the only one facing bad luck it’s not a family curse.

  • Personal curse

The kind of curse that affects you and only you. Its aimed at tormenting you. Accumulating bad energy and bad luck in your life.

Curses are a result of bad intention and bad magic that is aimed at hurting people. But there is also another way a person can be under a curse or torment by magical means. That is;

  • Bad djinns possessing a person and tormenting their life through, sexual harassment, nightmares and constant bad luck.
  • And evil eye from someone could also cause you an episode of misfortune in your life. That can be perceived as a curse or hex.
  • Bad luck that has accumulated on you. Due to the negative thoughts that resonate bad energy and hence a little torment in your life.
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It’s only a professional in any of the related practices of magic and working with the supernatural. But there are signs that can be a signal that you may be under the influence of a curse.

Broken Relationships

Having constant hiccups in your relationships that lead to break ups, fights and misunderstandings is a sign the rubble you face is due to a curse.

Random Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are the fuel to the bad energy that surrounds you and also one of the signs you could be under a curse.

Nightmares and Recurring Dreams

Having like where a vicious animal is chasing you, or wants to eat you. You having bad things happen to you in your sleep means bad magic is on the move. And these effects are rather seen in a while to come.

Feelings of Being Watched Is a Sign of a Curse

A gut feeling you have when your aura detects something bad is happening to you. And warns you to act cautiously but sometimes these are the subtle signs you ignore and end up weeping afterwards.

Your Guides Are Warning You of a Curse

If you consult your ancestors or a higher power and you are warned of a curse lingering on you. Some of you are blessed that your spirits communicate with you and sometimes you just chose to ignore them.

Continuous of Bad Luck

This is what the curse at most cases is cast to do on you. Eat away your ladder to greatness, and make you cry at all times. And if you notice a string of bad luck happening on you. Act accordingly and have a cleansing done on you.

Unexplainable illnesses

Sickness that hurts you but he physicians happen not to find a cause or cure to. Though such illnesses can also be caused by magick creatures. It most likely to be a curse or a bad spell aimed at specifically ending or tormenting your life.


Now that you know a few details about a curse and where it can originate from. Do you still want to live in torment and sadness, or you want to change your life and get it back on track? If the case is to bring positive energy back into your life.

I offer spell casting services that cover a wide range of powerful spells and rituals. And spells to remove curses inclusive. I know how bad energy affects someone and argue you to get this spells right away. These spells will get rid of the curse and purify your aura and attract positive energy in your life.

For you who is lucky enough not to be under the influence of a curse. Protection spells and ritual are your best friend and an essential you should not overlook.