SPELLS WITH MENSTRUATION BLOOD – African witchcraft spells

SPELLS WITH MENSTRUATION BLOOD - African witchcraft spells

Spells with menstruation blood or extremely powerful is performed with caution and the right way. From controlling someone’s actions, make him/her fall in love you. Commit to the relationship and never cheat. Marry you and make you his/her life soulmate and partner among others

In Africa, specifically where I leave and that is Uganda practicing witchcraft is a humble calling that comes to a few. And with the gifts, talents and powers given to you by the ancestors. If they could allow it, we could turn stone to gold, but we have certain boundaries

And now back to the topic of the article, casting love spells, or any other kind of spells using one’s menstrual blood. Yes, it’s mostly common in relationships and that’s where it started spreading out to the general population

It can be administered in many ways. Mix the blood in foods or vegetables plus some added herbs and love magic will be cast upon your targeted person. Or put it in water and wash with your man’s clothes till it disappears among others


SPELLS WITH MENSTRUATION BLOOD - African witchcraft spells

This is an African voodoo love spell and rituals intended to gain control over another person using menstrual blood and magical herbs

Because blood contains the essence of a person, when fed or embodied onto another it compels them to do exactly what you want most. And within a short period of time you will be a master of your own relationship/marriage. Have complete control over him and he will never betray your trust or wrong you in any way

You see it as extreme to feed or bath someone blood from your periods, but think again. Love and relationships are unpredictable, the one you love is flirting with other people behind your back. And at the same time lying to your face how n=much he loves you

Aren’t you tired of chasing love around and hoping one day the person will come to you. That’s not possible, you either put yourself on the line and get heart broken or stay single till death. Because that wrong people are good and presenting themselves as the real deal


A spell using menstruation blood will save you a great deal of trouble. Because now you have the tools and power to choose the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Is it the one you love most and makes you happy or it’s the same person who has been giving you a hard time. But you want to change him to a better person and live a happy marriage/relationship together