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There are many factors that can come about just because your heart and mind are not stable and in the right moods. I strongly believe that reconciling with a lost lover is a journey one has to undertake and overcome. Love is the driving force of the universe, the yearning and fight for power, wealth, and abundance among others.

We fight for a good life just to share it with a person that is closest to your heart. The riches of earth are only to favor a smooth living environment with a lover and friends.


  1. I recommend that you begin with self-reflection and transformation. It’s better to find out your weaknesses and work on how to correct them, mistakes and flaws. This will show your man that indeed you want to become a new person and make him think about giving you a second chance.
  2. Say sorry for the wrong and hurt you caused him. Prove that you mean it but don’t lean in too much. It might instead show that you are desperate and merely faking it to play them into getting back with you.
  3. Give him a chance and space to rethink what happened and also evaluate is choice. Whether to reconcile with you, move on or give it a break for a while. Here you cannot do anything because you are both vulnerable and any mistake can lead to a complete break up. With no chance or reconciliation, so be careful.

NOTE: these steps are only effective if your relationship is just on the rocks or a couple of days after your separation. If it’s a divorce or a long term breakup, you might want to read on and find out another way.


Winning a man back is simple if what your doing is working for you and the person is reacting positively to it. But if you seem to have a string of bad luck roaming on you, things can tend to become harder and at times impossible.

This brings me to stating the following ways one can try in order to get your man back with little effort and emotional struggle. All of them are proven to work for majority of the people that use them and if you ask around you will be surprised that some of your friends also tried some and were successful.

1.      Get help from relationship psychologist

These are people that dedicate their lives towards researching and collecting information about human behavior in relation to love and relationships. And at times a third person can get you the chance to say openly what you would like to your lover and also get to hear from him.

Many relationships and marriages have been saved and lots of them have been ended at the hands of a relationship psychologists. It’s about setting your mind right and getting you to say the big and hard words to your lover without blinking an eye.

They help reveal the real reasons that hurt your relationship and caused a breakup to happen. Though I don’t entirely believe that a person can say out loud the whole truth. It’s a small percentage of people capable of that.

2.      Try talking with your parents

Parents and relatives or prominent people involved in your relationship like friends and reverends play a big role in helping couples find their way back with each other. These are the kind of negotiators that will audibly state out your claims and demands to your lover and also pursued them to get back with you with no emotion but rather intelligently.

3.      Cast a love spell with psychic Janzi

Love spells and rituals by psychic Janzi have helped many get back their relationships on track. Though due to security and privacy reasons few come out to publicly give testimonies about the good work accomplished by this gifted man in Uganda.

There are many frauds and scammers on the internet, but psychic Janzi stands out from them. He is genuine and lives up to his promises. I think with the success rate he has, I personally recommend you to make an online appointment with him and get your man back.

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